Things on list to be done and document

Note, even though I now publish this document it's mostly here for a reminder to myself. So that I'd remember on some good day to go trough these things, do the hacks/fixes and to record the results here. Due my condition I can't give any time line nor guarantee that these would happen anytime soon, in fact many of these have been on my Todo-list for over a year now.

But, if there is something particular that you readers (wish full thinking here) might want to see, I'll try to pick them up at preferred order.

- Finishing that 1 year old pic project
- Hacking together that camera-copter
- Two yet unnamed projects with lasers
- Another pic-project (7-seg led muxes)

Reviews of things I have purchased
- Dangerous items, whose sellers (china shops) have refused to accept fair feedback
- Other interesting goods, some needing repairs before using.

Repairs, electronic
- Sony STR-DE 445 missing the rear channels.
- Dell 20" LCD screen lost picture
- Logitech 2+1 speakers fix + possible enhancement

Repairs, other
- Building some replacement parts with 3D-printer
- Three pairs of shoes, each pair with different issue
  . One done (video #8), two to go
- Whatever breaks, that I'm too cheap to throw away

Other ideas
- Open/Review the 20Mhz single chanel russian scope
- Some lego.ish projects
- Opening my late X.mas gift (from Digi-key)
- Testing new versio of Video editing SW
  - Use it to create a intro for upcoming videos.
- Dig up some old projects (and try to doc them)

- Try to do some material concerning the site name

Some of those might make videos, but I'm not sure how much energy I'll have to make it happen.

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