Saturday, 14 January 2012

Towlie, a homemade kitchen towel holder.

This is something I was looking for some time ago and could not find one from any shops. A simple hook that will hold the kitchen towel right where I need it.

I used to keep the towel folded atop of the cupboard door, but it tends to slide of and drop to floor. With this simple hook, the towel won't fall, but it's easy to access. And when printed with clear PLA it next to invisible.

As usual, 3D design is made with Sketchup program and then converted to STL with exporter-plugin.

Apparently I entirely forgot to make post of my Towlie-design. So I will backdate this to around the time I uploaded the files to Thingiverse. I originally designed this thingy at 10th Jan 2012 but uploaded it at 14th.

Original design files available, with free CC lisense. Just download and print as many as you need. I'd like to hear your feedback of this design, does it work or not, does it need any modifications or is it good just as it is?

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