Sunday, 15 September 2013

Diytao #9, Cleanup aka look at my electronics desk.

While cleaning up I thought about documenting my electronics workbench as it is right now. Instead of merely taking a picture of my electronics desk and the tools, I decided to make a short six minute video (In 1080P HD ).

Note though that I have apparently misplaced my frequency counter, since it was not at the desk (you should have seen the mess before I did cleanup). I'll need to make another video of it someday. Also all microcontroller tools (proto boards, programmers etc) are on another room, near this desktop PC... (need yet another video  :palm: )

Also if you'll like to see a tear down video of Russian scope or some other stuff I have, please leave a comment at the Youtube.. Also extra motivators (likes, subscribers, donations & sponsorship deals) are appreciated.  :D

PS: Here is the link to Youtube:

PS2: This video is a test of my camera and PC capabilities. I think I will rather stick on making videos at 720P resolution. FullHd adds so much extra to edit and download that for my needs it's an overkill.


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