Thursday, 8 December 2011

First fix, video #4

This video is recorded at 30th of November. Like I then mentioned at Repairs and reshoot -post, I managed to mess with the X-drive belt while printing the oversized object. I fixed belt at the same night, but have not edited the video until today. While I'm writing this the video is rendering and I'll link it here as soon as it is available at Youtube.

All in all, the fix was easy and took me about 15 minutes. I might have been able to do it a bit faster if the camera has not been in way at a time. So far the problem has not repeated itself. I didn't mention it on the video, but I also added a dash of glue to the belt end. I do hope it'll help it to keep well put.

I have also renamed posts which have video files embedded. I hope it'll make finding the clips easier.

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