Sunday, 18 December 2011

Hello cookie, cookie cutter tested and working.

Never had I guessed how much time it takes to design and make two part cookie cutter. But at least the first version is done and tested.

As you can see I now have some cookies cooling down. I'll think I leave the decorations for tomorrow. So, it you can't tell what the cookies are, it'll be revelated at 19th.

About the printer, I think I got it fixed for now. One can't expect home made equipment to have same uptime and reliability as fifty-hundred times more expensive office machines. At them moment it works nicely, but I need to check some technical details and its likely there will be some hardware tinkering ahead.

Addendum (19th) : Well, the printer was kind enough to make those cutters ok, but the next bigger print failed (at early stage)... Ah well.. repairs are part of the learning process here.

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