Monday, 19 December 2011

Time to reveal our mystery cookies..

So here they are, with sugar coating on top. I do hope they are bit easier to recognise, the pressed pattern did lose some shape while baking, but frosting should help.

For the upcoming years, I really need to think about making that frosting-extruder -module for my 3d-printer.

Hello Chulhu cutter is my own design, the DrWho relarted files are found from Thingiverse site.

Now I have to find some use for the excess frosting. what it could be used for? ... except of course making more cookies?

Note: This design is freely available at


  1. Ps. The frosting is also great for decorating cup cakes - and cup cakes are easier to make than you'd think. How about putting a Chulhu-cookie on top of a cup cake? That probably would melt my brain...