Saturday, 19 November 2011

A fine mess..

To anyone considering having a 3D printer. If your system uses a filament extrusion, be sure to get/build some kind of spool system. Sooner or later you'll end up spending considerable time untangling the wire.

Filament tangle, looks so tame on 2D photo.
I know there are some filament sellers who sell on spools, but this particular 100 meter sample material was a part of the Huxley kit and was packed on ziplock pouch. Have to look various filament sellers options soon, as I have no idea how many meters I have left.

Not only is there tough decision on where to order, but also what colours and how much. Big spools offer some discounts, but storing the material can become an issue.I think I'll stick with PLA plastic at least for the beginning. I know this machine type should be able to print ABS, but it's not as friendly for environment as PLA and also needs higher work temperatures.

Whistle I printed yesterday works quite well. Perhaps it's not the best available (or cheapest) on market, but it definitely works.

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