Friday, 18 November 2011

Print a Whistle

Normally they talk about whistle blowing, but in this case it's all about whistle printing. It's my first (semi) complex 3D printed object. It looks quite good and I'm in progress on cleaning up the internal support needed for printing.

At this hour I don't dare to blow it, I'm sure my neighbours would not like sound. Ah well, I'll clean it up and then use it later. This whistle even has 3d printed pebble in..

 Another picture of some items I printed yesterday.. Just trying to get to know the software, settings and to learn what this thing can do.
Sometime soon I'd need to start making my own designs and print them. But at this point it's easier for me to use premade STL files.

Things I'd need to do are: Easier adjustment for Z-height. Some kind of filament holder (wheel?) and then start to make spare parts for this machine for possible need and/or selling them to someone wanting to make similar machine.

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