Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Printing a snowflake, video #3

A friend of mine wanted to see a video of the 3d printer building a real usable object. Since most complex objects print a long time I'd chosen quite simple snowflake design for the subject of this video. It's only 2 layers high and has nice complex shape. Total printing time is about 7 minutes, and the video includes removal of the finished object at the end.
As I'm quite sure none of recipients are likely to read this blog before x-mas, I can tell my plan for these printed snowflakes this early. I'm planing to use these as a part of my home made x-mas cards, and I'll post a update with pictures of making.

As a footnote. You may notice that this video looks quite different from #2. It's partially due me using new video camera (Kodak Zi10, using 720p/60 mode), but the biggest visible difference comes from the editing software. This camera is bundled with minimalistic software (media impression), and I do have to admit it indeed is quite easy as long as one is happy with the limited options available.

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