Monday, 21 November 2011

A week of blogging

Well, it's been week with full of the Huxley and 3d printing. The first bundle of PLA filament is getting thin, so I had to make an order of new stuff. For a change, I decided to have big (2.3kg) roll of 1.7mm natural PLA.. It's not absolutely clear or colourless, but it'll be interesting to see how much material change affects the printer settings and print result.

As a part of upcoming development I couple days ago purchased parts for Frugal style glass printing bed. First version will be made of clip frame glass and some metallic holders.
Clear glass and holders.
I have heard that glass is a good material for heated bed. Printed parts tend to stick well, and the glass surface is nice and even. Biggest issue will be the sudden temperature changes, since those can well break the glass plate.

One reader asked about the videos.. Well, I have been so keen on testing the printer that I have not taken much video of the printing process itself. I'll try to take some this week and hopefully also get other material available. At the moment this blog looks way too much dedicated just to 3d printing. 

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