Saturday, 12 November 2011

Learn and improve Vblogging

There are plenty of things that definitely could be better, but at this time I'll try to keep on commenting my earlier attempt of Vblogging, which I tried to start at 9th. And with reasonably honest opinion I think that there were painfully obvious problems on Audio, Video, Content, Delivery and Production..
Easiest to fix to acceptable hobbyist level seems to be Video quality. Even though the camera (40eur 720p minithingy) makes ok video at bright, the indoors had way too little light. I'm sure there will be some color issues with those cheap lights I use, but getting rid of grain and noise in picture should help a lot.

Audio. One of the first things to do is to remember remove battery of the wall clock, it's way too close to optimal camera location. Also external microphone seems to be more-or less mandatory item for getting decent sound quality and isolation from background noises. As a stopgap I could try to use my home PC for sound recording and combine it with video at editor, but I think I'd prefer to have video camera with external microphone support.

Content, well the content is the King. And even though I do hope on having enough interesting ideas and stuff for plenty of blogging there may well be some work to do for organisation and definition. I have no intention to go as far as writing down the lines and read them from paper, since that would definitely ruin the feeling...

Delivery, especially the voice. I have 2 possibilities to think of. Use my native tongue (Finnish) with subtitles at English or try to get by with my exotic accent. I think I should stick to English, as it is much more widely understood and many native ain't too hot on subtitled material. Some words ain't easy, but I do hope my pronounciation is good enough.

Production. Like trying to learn how to use equipment and the software I have here. With frugal budget, one can't expect to have all premade or high end... so some improvisation, work and ideas still needed. Learning to use video editor better could definitely be a good idea, also should consider location/shoot backgrounds... I know that with this size apartment, it'll most likely require me to tidy up  -- So not all of this is a loss :-)

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