Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Repairs and reshoot

After yesterday's printing I noticed that while hitting the top frame, the x-carrier had not only lost it's z-axis calibration but also the x-direction belt has become loose from one end. I must assume  my original assembly was a bit weak and the extra hassle at the end of printing the angel figure was just the final straw.

To reattach the belt at the carrier part, I'll need to remove the printing hot end and open up the carrier assembly. It should not be a biggie and I think I might even try to video it with some explanatory documentation while fixing the issue. Also the print bed level + head distance calibration will be necessary to do before I can continue printing.

I also got a small project to do with printer. A certain small plastic fixture is broken and there's need for a replacement part. It would be my first real 3d designed item that's for real use.

Otoh, I do know that my intro-video is a bit late. Perhaps I'll get it done too? Someday?

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