Friday, 11 November 2011

First Post

 ... and also first lame joke.. :-)

So, today is 11.11.11... I was supposed to start this blog couple days ago with an introduction video, but after spending hours with video editing software I decided that the material I shot at 9th november was definitely not good enough for any serious release. Perhaps I'll let you see it in some distant future at Blooper-reel, but not now.

What is this DIYTao and why it perhaps deserves a blog? Important quesiton I know, and I'm not sure if I even have any decent answer. Somehow the idea of this blog started while watching videos of EEVBlog, and thinking of ideas and projects I might share amongst other people. And since I also become interested on 3D printing (especially RepRap systems) and 3d object design I've decided that I might try to make some kind of publicly available lab notes of my projects.

Starting with RepRap.. I'm in middle of building my own printer, it's Huxley type (yet unnamed) machine, that I purchased via IndieGoGo. I have got most of mechanics and printing system in place, next project is to solder the micro controller board and do final system wiring and testing. I hope to get first usable prints (and videos) done within a week.

Besides 3D printing, I'm likely to talk/write will be hobby electronics, some board design tricks/trips, photography, some reverse engineering and hacking. Home made DIY fixes and frugal projects with various materials, recycling, repairing and renevation.


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