Sunday, 13 November 2011

Solderng Sanginloulu, video #2

Next part of building the Huxley is making the micro controller board. I have all the parts and printed instructions so it should go quite smoothly. I have done soldering before, and I think it's a bit like driving a bike, learned once, you'll never forget.

  This time I try to record the progress with my mobile phone. It's a bit older model and it does not support 720P properly (only about 15fps), so I'll record this one on 480W. I do hope I'll get clean audio this time, and try to keep myself out of the picture.

I'll need to cut/FF quite a lot. Can't expect anyone wanting to spend 1 and half hour watching me soldering and ranting some random ideas.  :-)

Video is visible at the Youtube. There are still a lot to learn about AV recording and editing, but I think I dare to publish this one.

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